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QUIZ: Can you name the Bowlby's Phases of Attachment?

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During these four phases children construct an affectionate tie which can be used as a ________in times when apart. Child Development, Berk
Ethological theory of attachment- states and infant’s emotional tie to their caregiver is a response which _______.Child Development, Berk
Psychoanalyst, John Bowlby, believes the stronger the attachment between a child and their caregiver the more easily they will be able to form _________.Child Development, Berk
_______________- (birth to 6 weeks) newborn babies encourage adults to remain near, because it is comforting, by using built-in signals; these include grasping, smiling, crying, anChild Development, Berk
“Attachment-in-the-making” phase- (6 weeks to 6-8months) babies respond______(such as smiling, laughing, babbling more, and quieting more quickly when picked up by familiar facChild Development, Berk
___________-expecting the assistance of a caregiver when called. Child Development, Berk
________________- (6-8 months to 18months-2years) obvious attachment to caregiver, and use of a caregiver as a secure base.Child Development, Berk
__________-distress when caregiver leaves baby’s presence. Child Development, Berk
Separation anxiety is similar to stranger anxiety in the sense that it _______; rather it depends on an infant’s temperament, the current situation, and if they have mastered ___use a comma to seperate two answers (ex: salt, pepper) Child Development, Berk
_____________-(18months-2years and on) a toddler’s realization that their caregiver will return after leaving, also the inclusion of negotiating for more time with caregiver. Child Development, Berk
As children grow they become __________on the physical presence of their caregiver, and __________on the reassurance that they will be readily available in a time of need. use a comma to seperate two answers (ex: salt, pepper) Child Development, Berk
________- serves as guide for future relationships.Child Development, Berk

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