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What Latin word means 'elsewhere'and that is define as an excuse?
What word means 'to suggest,disclose, or outline partially?
Who is known as 'The Last Airbender'?
What is the fictional company that exists in the Looney Tunesuniverse?
What hormone is secreted that increases blood circulation and prepares muscles for extertion?
What is the name of the symbol '&', that represents the conjuction 'and'?
What is the nickname for the city of Atlanta, Georgia?
What group of people that inhabited Great Britain from the 5th century?
What flavored spirit that has been produced in Scandinavia since the 15th century?
What is the main character of Ghost 'n' Goblins
What French phrase means 'goodbye for now'
What collection includes of all the sayings and ideas attributed by Chinese philisopher, Confucius?
What Taiwanese-born American is known for his direction of the 'Life of Pi' and 'Hulk'?
What constant is equal to 6.02214129 × 10^23 mol^-1?
What Brazilian footballer earned the nickname 'Queixada'?
Who was the delegate for New Jersey who signed the Decleration of Independence?
What was the fictional element that is bonded with Wolverine?
What association protects the interest of professional male tennis players?
What is known as the abscence of pain?
What unit for electrical unit is part of the seven base SI units?

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