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Who created MindCrack?
Name one member of the B-team.
Who is known as the cheater on the server?
What does UHC stand for?
Who left in season 4?
Name someone who joined in season 4.
What is the twist of season 4?
Who is always forgotten?
Who is the oldest member?
Who is the mother of rabbits in season 5?
What was Arkas' first rabbit called?
Who was the first to join in season 2?
Who are professional mapmakers?
How many bases did Guude have in Season 2?
Who hadn't been active for over a year?
Who is the turtle expert in Mindcrack FTB?
What is Pakratt's funfair called in Season 3?
Who is the E-pranker
Who has a minion skin?
Who is the only female member of MindCrack?

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