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A Man on the left with a women on the right. Her blue eyes and his brown eyes are staring out at the viewer. The name is written in red cursive across the bottom. 1942
A boy with yellow shorts stands on the left, a girl in her striped shirt stands at his left. The background is orange and white stripes with the title written in green. 2007
Mainly black with the white outline of a man holding a cat. The title is written in large white letters with a hand holding a marionette. 1972
2 guys stand behind a young lady. They are in black and white as is she except for her pink shirt. The title in in white with the last word pink. 1986
In the fog appears a man in a green cape. Behind him are assorted characters including a gray haired wizard and elves. Horses gallop across the bottom above the gold title. 2001
A boy looking at his watch stands next to a car with flames and light streaming by him. The title in written at the top in blocky red and yellow letters. 1985
A man and women stand in close embrace, in the background trees and a house a silhouetted with a fiery sky. The white title is written in yellow on the black bottom. 1939
The women on the left looks at the camera in her black of the shoulder outfit and her fogged black eye makeup. The guy stands holding her in a black tee with his slicked back hair.1978
The man stands on one of the supports of the Golden Gate Bridge. In one hand he aims a gun, in the other he holds a women in a pink dress. The title is in space white letters. 1985
Left is the mother looking back at her 'Nanny' who smiles smugly with the 3 kids peaking out from beside her. The title is written in red along the top. 1993

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