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Can you name the characters from fifteen years to thousands of years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire?

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The First Men first set foot in Westeros in the land of:ten thousand years ago, the Stepstones separating Westeros and Essos did not exist.
These men protected the Isle of Faces in God's Eye.eight thousand years ago, the first men and the natives negotiated a peace at the isle
The first Storm King. Brandon the Builder was rumored to help him build the castle of Storm's End.he purportedly married Elenei, daughter of the sea god and goddess of the wind
Azor Ahai thrust his Red Sword into ___ so that her soul could keep the sword from shattering.Lightbringer will be the sword in the darkness, the light that brings the dawn
The wildling king who helped King Stark defeat the Night's King.the Night's King was the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch who married a blue-eyed woman and took up residence at the Nightfort
This family was the last of the First Men to rule over the Trident.Kings of the rivers and hills, their abode was what is now Oldstones
This Andal flew on a falcon six thousand years ago to defeat the Griffin Arryn are still the lords of Mountain and Vale
The Last Hero sought these natives of Westeros, who were said to have magic that could fight the Others.they were driven north of the wall after the coming of the Andals
Brandon the ___ sailed west of the Sunset Sea.his son was Brandon the Burner
This Stark built the castle of White Harbor.White Harbor was given to the Manderlys a thousand years ago
This Stark defeated the Marsh King, and the kingdom of the North has included the Neck ever since.he married the crannogman's daughter
This family ruled over the Reach before the Tyrells.the Tyrells were granted Highgarden after surrendering to Aegon I
The Rhoynish Queen Nymeria took this man for her husband.Nymeria came with a thousand ships, and burned them all after landing to make sure her people did not return to Essos
Presumably impregnated some Brandon Stark's daughter, whose son became the new Stark in WinterfellKing of the free folk beyond the wall, probably a thousand years ago
This religious guild was founded by a slave from Valyriathe Braavosi kept their city secret until the Doom of Valyria
An ironborn king whose brother was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when the Targaryens came with their dragons.king of the iron islands and riverlands
Aegon the Conqueror's rumored bastard brother.he slew Argilac, the last Storm King
The Dance of Dragons: Aegon II, son of Viserys I, goes to war against his half-sister:Viserys had raised his daughter, the older child, to be the ruling queen
Hand of King Aerys I, and Mylessa Blackwood's highborn bastard son.How many eyes does he have? A thousand eyes, and one.
Gendry Waters' great great grandparent.he had many a clout in the ear
Probably the oldest woman in Westeros.she can't keep straight which Brandon Stark she's talking to
Barristan Selmy killed this man, putting an end to the Blackfyre Pretenders.Aegon IV had given the family sword (Blackfyre) to Daemon, rather than his trueborn son Daeron II
At the tourney of Harrenhal, Rhaegar places this thing on Lyanna's lap.Bael the Bard was said to have kidnapped a Stark, too.

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