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Song byMovieYear/Plot Description
Creedence Clearwater Revival1978: Nick Nolte is a Vietnam vet caught up in a drug deal gone wrong
Cyndi Lauper1985: Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt want to get on a TV dance show
The Rolling Stones1986: Bank clerk Whoopi Goldberg gets caught up in international intrigue when she gets computer messages by a spy who needs her help
Sam and Dave; The Blues Brothers1986: C. Thomas Howell passes as black to get into Harvard
The Beatles1987: Nerd Patrick Dempsey bribes Amanda Peterson into pretending to be his girlfriend
The Rolling Stones1988: Justine Bateman heads up a teen band
Jerry Lee Lewis; Bruce Springsteen1989: Skip tracer Clint Eastwood is after Bernadette Peters
Bob Dylan1989: Jamaican cop Denzel Washington investigates a murder that might involve his childhood friend, Robert Townsend
Elvis Presley1989: A Japanese tourist couple, an Italian widow, and Steve Buscemi all check in to a rundown Memphis motel
Roy Orbison1990: Richard Gere picks up call girl Julia Roberts, romance inevitable
Bachman Turner Overdrive1990: Con man Jim Belushi impersonates wealthy Charles Grodin and lives it up
Song byMovieYear/Plot Description
Tom Waits1993: Corrupt cop Gary Oldman is tripped up by femme fatale Lena Olin
Led Zeppelin1993: Last day of school in a small Texas town in 1976
Percy Sledge1994: Meg Ryan is an alcoholic and Andy Garcia is her husband, who tries to get her clean and sober
The Doors1995: Ralph Fiennes deals black market virtual reality videos, and there's one out there someone is willing to kill for
The Chiffons1996: Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney get thrown together
Grateful Dead1999: Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsdale gets busted for smuggling drugs in Thailand
Don McLean1999: Jason Biggs and friends want to lose their virginities before prom night
Lynyrd Skynyrd2002: Reese Witherspoon tries to divorce her husband in Alabama to make a new life in New York
The Beatles2007: Beatles songs get woven into a loose plot about life in the 60's
The Who2010: Lesbian parents Annette Bening and Julianne Moore meet the biological father of their two children

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