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Born this Year
Born in this City
Number as player
Career Batting Average
Was given said nickname by this Yankees legend
Won this many World Series championships
Number of All-Star appearances
Won National League Rookie of the Year award this year
Won 2 Gold Glove awards for fielding this position
Won the National League MVP award this year
Career Hits
Broke this man’s record for most career hits in 1985
Pitcher that gave up the record breaking hit
Name one other career statistic (besides hits) Pete Rose is the all time Major League leader in
Threatened Joe DiMaggio’s record 56 game hitting streak by having his own hit streak that lasted this many games
Barreled over this catcher to score the winning run in the 1970 All-Star Game
Primary team played for
Also played for this team from 1979-1983
And 95 games for this team in 1984
Nickname for the dominant team Rose won 2 championships and 4 pennants with in the 1970’s
Was the manager of the winning team when this man threw a perfect game in 1988
Was suspended 30 days when, as manager, he physically shoved this umpire during a confrontation at 1st base
Year banned from baseball
It was this report documenting Rose’s betting on baseball that led to his banishment from the sport
Was permanently banned from baseball by this commissioner
Was allowed to appear in a ceremony at the 1999 World Series, as he was honored as a selection for this team
Was aggressively questioned at said ceremony by this reporter
Title of his 2004 autobiography
Will likely never get into this institution due to his ban from baseball

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