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Can you name the U.S. Cities that were directly named after other cities?

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Pop (State)CityNamed After...
655,155 (TN)a city in Ancient Egypt
636,479 (MA)a town in Lincolnshire, England
603,106 (OR)a city in Maine, USA
375,600 (TX)General Robert E. Lee's mansion in Virginia, USA
305,489 (KY)a town in Massachusetts, USA
246,541 (FL)a city in Russia
245,782 (VA)a county in the East of England
244,731 (TX)a town in Cantabria, Spain
223,491 (NV)a neighboring city in Nevada, USA
212,038 (AL)a city in England, West Midlands
210,309 (VA)a suburban town in south west London, England
182,669 (MA)a city in England, West Midlands
166,842 (AZ)a valley near Mount Olympus in Greece
162,191 (MO)a city in Massachusetts, USA
159,789 (AZ)a city in Illinois, USA
157,429 (OR)a city in Massachusetts, USA
153,552 (MA)a village in Essex, England
152,272 (TX)a city in Los Angeles County, California, USA
145,236 (FL)a former city, now district of Los Angeles, California
144,170 (NY)a formerly Greek, now Italian city on Sicily, Italy
128,729 (FL)a district of Havana, Cuba
Pop (State)CityNamed After...
127,081 (CA)a former city in Kentucky, USA (dissolved 2006)
125,409 (TX)a town in Illinois, USA
125,109 (CT)a town in Lincolnshire, England
124,893 (CT)a town in Hertfordshire, England
122,999 (WA)a county in southern England
118,999 (GA)a city in Greece
118,887 (TX)a city in Kansas, USA
117,126 (IL)a city in Massachusetts, USA
113,996 (MI)a town in New York, USA
110,754 (FL)a neighboring city in Florida, USA
110,209 (NH)a city in North West England
109,318 (CA)a spa town in the Czech Republic
108,992 (MN)a city in New York, USA
107,684 (CA)a town in Connecticut, USA
107,440 (CA)a neighboring city in California, USA
106,516 (CA)a city in Virginia, USA
106,471 (MA)the university of a city in England, East Anglia
106,102 (TX)a city in Ukraine
105,508 (CA)a biblical city in what is now Turkey
101,989 (SC)a neighboring city in South Carolina, USA
101,740 (CA)a Bridge in Venice, Italy

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