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Can you name the U.S. Cities that were named for Politicians or Royals?

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Pop (State)CityNamed After...
8,336,697 (NY)James 2nd of England, Duke of X (1633-1701)
2,160,821 (TX)General Sam X (1793-1863), President of Texas
1,241,162 (TX)George Mifflin X (1792-1864), U.S. Vice President
836,507 (FL)Andrew X (1767-1845), 7th President of the USA
775,202 (NC)X of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818), wife of King George III of Great Britain
634,535 (WA)Native American Duwamish chief (1780-1866)
634,265 (CO)James William X (1817-1892), Governor of the Kansas Territory
632,323 (DC)George X (1732-1799), 1st President of the USA
621,342 (MD)Lord X (1605-1675), Governor of Maryland
605,110 (KY)named after King X 16th of France (1754-1793)
555,417 (NM)Duke of X (1619-1676), viceroy of New Spain
369,250 (LA)Philippe d'X, Duke of X (1674-1723)
318,172 (MO)King X 9th of France (1214-1270)
306,211 (PA)British statesman William X (1708-1778), Prime Minister of Great Britain
265,679 (NV)Charles Belknap X (1873-1954), Nevada senator
265,404 (NE)Abraham X (1809-1865), 16th President of the USA
240,323 (WI)James X (1751-1836), 4th President of the USA
233,564 (TX)Augustus Hill X (1832-1899), governor of Arkansas, Attorney General
Pop (State)CityNamed After...
221,986 (CA)John Charles X (1813-1890), explorer and politician
197,872 (GA)Princess X of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1708-1778), Princess of Wales
175,437 (MS)Andrew X (1767-1845), 7th President of the USA
145,693 (NC)Samuel Fenton X (1814-1900), Ohio congressman
145,219 (NJ)William X (1745-1806), Governor of New Jersey
143,684 (IL)Joseph X (1798-1862), Illinois legislator
143,223 (TX)Collin X (1766-1861), Texas politician
141,359 (OH)Jonathan X (1760-1824), senator and legislator
136,836 (VA)Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of X (1573-1624)
125,583 (SC)King X 2nd of England (1630-1685)
124,140 (CO)Daniel Isaac J. X (1911-1976), Colorado governor
121,123 (TX)Cpt. John Barnard X (1806-1841), preacher, lawyer
120,235 (IN)General Robert Morgan X (1783-1844), Indiana legislator
118,974 (PA)William X (1704-1780), Pennsylvania Chief Justice
118,228 (TX)Jefferson X (1801-1865), chief justice, brother-in-law of Henry Millard
112,873 (CA)John Gately X (1827-1894), Governor of California
109,922 (NC)Spencer Compton (1673-1743), Earl of X. Prime Minister of Great Britain
108,956 (OR)Walter Quintin X (1832-1895), Postmaster General

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