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Can you name the U.S. Cities with a Native American name origin?

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Pop (State)CityNamed After...
2,714,856 (IL)Algonquian (via French): wild onion/garlic
634,535 (WA)Duwamish chief (1780-1866), anglicized name
598,916 (WI)Potawatomi (anglicized): gathering place by the water
524,295 (AZ)O'odham (via Spanish): base of the black [hill]
421,570 (NE)a native tribe
413,892 (FL)a nearby river that got its name from a native tribe
393,987 (OK)Creek: old town
392,880 (MN)Sioux: water (plus the Greek word for city)
385,577 (KS)a native tribe
347,645 (FL)Calusa: sticks of fire (or: place to gather sticks)
231,941 (FL)Muskogee/Seminole: pretty prairie
228,417 (VA)Algonquian: [village] at a big river
209,525 (WA)Salishan: Children of the Sun (native tribe)
202,010 (WA)the indigenous name for Mount Rainier
194,822 (AL)a native tribe (and legendary town) in the area
186,971 (FL)an abandoned Apalachee village
171,279 (TN)Cherokee: draw fish out of water
138,547 (CA)Chippwa: of the valley
130,045 (KS)Shawnee: beautiful
127,939 (KS)Kansa/Ioway: meaning not recorded
127,018 (TX)a native tribe
125,793 (CA)the Chumash village of Shimiji
115,687 (IL)a native tribe
108,732 (FL)Native American: Pocotopaug (translated)
105,208 (CA)a native tribe
102,019 (OK)Creek village name: Rekackv (translated)
100,515 (MI)Ojibwe: Biiwaanagoonh-ziibi (translated), a nearby river
100,150 (WI)Chippewa: pike (pickerel)

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