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Can you name the U.S. Cities that were named for Military Officers?

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Pop (State)CityNamed After...
836,507 (FL)Maj. Gen. Andrew X (1767-1845), War of 1812, Seminole Wars
777,992 (TX)Maj. Gen. William Jenkins X (1794-1849), Mexican-Am. War
632,323 (DC)Gen. George X (1732-1799), Am. Revolutionary War
624,496 (TN)Brigadier Gen. Francis X (1742-1777), Am. Revolutionary War
390,928 (OH)Gen. Moses X (1754-1806), Connecticut Land Company
297,984 (CA)Comm. Robert Field X (1795-1866), Mexican–Am. War
277,080 (NC)Maj. Gen. Nathanael X (1742-1786), Am. Revolutionary War
254,555 (IN)Gen. Anthony X (1745-1796), Am. Revolutionary War
236,065 (TX)Thomas Saltus X (1817-1862), Am. Civil War
231,027 (NV)Maj. Gen. Jesse Lee X (1823-1862), Am. Civil War
205,293 (AL)Gen. Richard X (1738-1775), Am. Revolutionary War
202,103 (NC)Gen. M-J du Motier de X (1757-1834), Am. Revolutionary War
182,200 (TN)Gen. Henry X (1750-1806), Am. Revolutionary War
180,097 (TX)Maj. Jacob X (1789-1846), commander of Fort Texas
175,437 (MS)Maj. Gen. Andrew X (1767-1845), War of 1812, Seminole Wars
170,747 (FL)Maj. William X (1782-1838), Seminole Wars
148,612 (CO)William Oliver X (1809-1880), commander of Fort Laramie
142,519 (TN)Gen. George Rogers X (1752-1818), Am. Revolutionary War
126,458 (NJ)the wife of Vice Admiral Sir George Carteret (17th century)
126,047 (FL)Gen. Edmund Pendleton X (1777-1849), Seminole Wars
122,761 (LA)Gen. M-J du Motier de X (1757-1834), Am. Revolutionary War
120,235 (IN)Gen. Robert Morgan X (1783-1844), War of 1812
117,796 (CA)Mariano Guadalupe X (1807-1890), Mexican commander
114,038 (TN)Col. Hardy X (1752-1809), Am. Revolutionary War

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