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Forced Order
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Poland is thinking of painting his house in this color
Hungary thought herself was a ___, when she was young
This nation impersonated England once
Who said: 'Waving sticks around is dangerous!'
What did Russia say while jumping off the plane?
From the character distinction chart: ' If she has almond eyes and Shiga accent with a hairband, it's her'
Which year's Christmas have France running around stripping everyone?
France will never forget the taste of this food
Russia got his scarf from this person
The title of Chapter 5 of the Main Story
The main character of Gakuen Hetalia
Instead of his underwears, Chibitalia gave this item to Holy Roman Empire in the anime
Norway insist Iceland to call him this
This character has flower tattoo/birthmark on her thighs
Which year's April Fool was hosted by Spain?
In Greece's movie, this kind of food turned ginormous and attacked people
Estonia's film was uploaded to this fictional site
Ivan's birthday is on December...
Austria's hair-antenna/cowlick represents
What volume/number is Japan's Character CD?
In hell, the cops are...
Latvia 'attacked' this character with a flower
Who is taller; England or France?
Italy gave these to Germany as Valentine present
Rie Kugimiya voices this character
In 'Exterior of European Economy', his growth rates is 10%
Any of the names Canada called Kumajiro in the strip 'World Baseball Classic'
This nation suffered -3 GDP at the Great Depression
Canada thinks that Kumajiro's ________ are so cute to the point he did nothing on his weekend
Raivis Galante is also known as...
The only Caribbean character to appear in Hetalia yet
The first victim of France's 'blood bath'
France's Quote: 'I'll ride only in _______ if you say something like that!' (to Germany)
He spent his Christmas going to sauna
Hungary's flower hair accessory symbolizes this
Liechtenstein wants to eat this for dinner
Sweden 'adopts' Sealand from the...
Italy's voice actor
______ Hana-tamago was one of Finland's name suggestion for his dog
The number on America's jacket
Together, Greece and Poland were looking for a way to make this nation quiet
This nation had the marking in the Christmas 2010 event
One of the animals China brought back to his emperor
South Italy's verbal tic
The waiter in the Buon San Valentino strip was of this nationality
Italy doesn't want to wear a helmet because it makes him feel...
China's boss

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