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Can you name the popular memes on the Internet?

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Meme DescriptionMemeQuote from Meme
Classic Cheatup, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
Hand to forehead(equivelant to saying 'idiot!')
Admiral Ackbar's warningAdmiral, we have enemy ships in sector 47
Tricky url to 1987 videoNever gonna give you up
XKCD frees you from itI lost ________
SSB Move of F-Zero CaptainPawnch!
Dancing bananaNow where he at? Where he at?
Roar for moreGimme ______
Meme DescriptionMemeQuote from Meme
Sakuracon musical mentionI love Japan, period.
Explosive soda reaction_____ Geyser
Totally dominatedYou were _____
Grooving felinePlay him off
Childish Argument Trump*points and yells* _______
Bunny Ears and Hip SwayingU-U-U-Aua (or alternatively) Oo-Oo-Oa-Oa-a
Suicidal battle cryAt least I have chicken

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