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Target population that is accessible to you.
Variables that could have an effect, but which we do not wish to study
An interview in which the phrasing and order of questions are redefined as you go.
This specifies variables to be manipulated, identifies the subject population, directs the conduct of the study, and narrows the field of research.
Prevents researcher from exerting unintended effect on dependent variable.
Organizational structure by which we formulate questions and answers during experiments.
Effect of the independent variable.
Positive results are ...
Sampling method where the population is divided into two or more stra or groups with different categories of a characteristic, to decrease bias when one group is larger than anothe
Important to assure readers that the researcher had no effect on the study
Assumes no relationship between the two variables.
A research model that gives resports in a formal style
Samples chosen on qualities the researcher thinks are important
Samples most accessible from target sampling
Orderly, systematic, and controlled approach to obtaining empirical information and testing ideas.
White coat syndrome affects what part of internal validity?
Entire sets of persons, objects, or events.
A type of probability sampling in which every unit has the same chance of being chosen.
Research motivated by curiosity.
A probability sampling method which uses a sample interval to chose a sample.
Allows experiments to be repeated and validated by other researchers.
Name one of the four characteristics of the Scientific Method.
High correlation between two or more researchers in assessing the subjects.
Effects change in other variables.
The extent to which the experimental treatment was the sole cause of the effect.
Design that involves manipulation of variables, randomization, and controlled conditions.
A paradigm where the researcher does nothing to influence his findings.
Model where definitions evolve throughout the course of research.
Evidence must be rooted in objective reality.
Research model that uses an informal literary style to report findings.
Translates the problem and purpose into a clear explanation or prediction of the expected outcomes of the study.
Group in true experimental design to receive treatment.
Research that contributes directly to modification of present practices.
When the accessible population is not equivalent to the intended target population, this affects the...
Degree to which measures are free from error and yield consistent results.
A study in which the researcher observes a situation without manipulating it.
One can generalize that a sample of the population represents the entire population
Summarize what is to be achieved by the study, and clarify variables.
Used because study subjects can unwillingly alter their normal behaviour while in a study
Single unit of target population
Describe the relationship type. Feeding rats large quantities of warfarin results in them hemorrhaging on the inside.
Name one of the two key attributes of the positivist paradigm.
An educated guess.
Explain the hypothesis and help to predict events.
A relationship in which changing one variable changes the other.
An action plan that describes work to be done in a discipline.
Does not allow identification of control and experimental group to either participants or researchers.
Minimization of the likelihood of a chance result
Taking a sample from the most convenient population.
Question that allows expansion of answers
Extent to which research and conclusions apply to the real world.
Same observer rates the same patients twice, resulting in similar results.
Used when there are only a few subjects for a study and they are difficult to find.
Allows conclusions to be applied to larger, broader groups.
Examines data collected in the present, a stronger form of study due to greater control
Must be eliminated or reduced, or else they can interfere with the findings of your research.
Use of both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data.
Has the same essential structure as the article but renders the points in a simplified format
Name one of the four types of non-probability sampling.
Name one of the four types of probability sampling
A research model that produces quantitative data and uses deductive reasoning.
Involves placebo use.
Name the type of relationship. Omitting coffee from a morning routine is found to also decrease smoking.
Rely on experts to give you information
States the expected relationship between variables expected as the study's outcome.
Characterized by little or no control of extraneous nuisance variables.
Statement that specify nature of relationship between sets of observations.
Different from validity in that it measures how results are applicable outside the sample group.
Process of eliminating influences that can jeapordize the findings of your research.
Changing one variable causes the other to change. Describes a ... relationship
Belief that research should be conducted via observation.
Research model that uses inductive reasoning.
Every unit of the population must have the same chance of entering the study.
Hypotheses tested under controlled conditions.
Sampling method with unknown probability that each unit of population will be included, can lead to bias.
Weak design that is nevertheless useful for pilot studies to gain understanding of variables surrounding a problem.
Statement of predicted relationship between three or more variables.
Assumes that all traits or characteristics of organisms can be quantified.
Process of recognizing or observing a pattern and then drawing a conclusion
When the awareness of being in a study alters a subject's response or behaviour.
Investigator identifies problem to be investigated, measures and quantifies data related to the problem, collects and analyzes the data, and forms a conclusion.
Logical thought process of reasoning from generalizations
Name one of the two major styles of research paradigms
An interview where the wording and order are the same for all respondants.
A hypothesis that predicts the presence of a relationship, but does not predict the direction.
Refers to the accuracy of your study's results.
When the expectations of the study are conveyed to patient's and alter the study's outcome.
A hypothesis in which the descriptors indicate the direction of the study.
Question with a predetermined response.
When conducting a search with Boolean logic, AND takes precedence over OR. True or false?
Control of all variables is key to an experiment's...
Model where the researcher's interaction with his subject produces the results.
Characteristic of research that changes values depending on the circumstances.
General statements are made to explain the phenomena, which leads to a hypothesis.
Part of population with characteristics of interest
Use of records that are already established or collected in the past.
Group in true experimental design to not receive treatment. Serves to provide comparison.
Statement of predicted relationship between two variables.
Name one of the three forms of experimental design
Sampling method used in large geographic areas.
Statistical measure given as a percent expressing how confident you are in the results of a study.
The larger the sample size, the lower the ...
Structured research design is similar to a experiment, but usually lacks randomization.
No control measures or randomization are used in this study method.
Means to gain decent results on a population without polling every member of that population.
Comparing, contrasting, and combining results from different studies to identify patterns and resolves points of disagreement.
Sampling method where an expert uses their judgement to choose a sample, which is dangerous for medical studies with a smaller sample.
Uses systematic observation, measurement, and experimentation to distinguish between competing scientific theories.

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