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Can you name the Legend of Zelda installment by its critical reception?

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Called both 'easy and approachable enough for casual gamers,' but 'sufficiently ... challenging to satisfy hardcore fans'38
Considered by many the black sheep of the franchise, it was nonetheless hailed as a commercial success at the time of its releaseNR
This addition introduced new gameplay elements to an otherwise tried and true world, and was praised as finding a happy balance between nostalgia and innovationNR
An instant success, making Nintendo's first release to sell over 1 million copies, and named Nintendo Power Awards' 'Best Challenge'77
Undoubtedly the darkest installment, and perhaps less accessible than its predecessors, it nonetheless won hearts with its innovative game elements45
Yielding numerous perfect scores, IGN called it 'a defining moment for the series, and the most impressive game Nintendo has ever released'NR
Universally panned for falling short of previous multiplayer installments, Critical Hit described it as 'distilling LOZ and its dungeons to their most basic, simple puzzle solving'NR
One reviewer called this game 'an adventure so epic that we can even forgive it for being one of those 'It's all a dream!' fakeouts'25
Argued by some as the greatest installment in the franchise, others an 'important part of the Grand Renaissance of the Second Dimension'8
Perhaps the first Zelda game to be criticized for being 'too short,' it was still considered the finest release for its system that year by GameSpot47
Reviews were mixed, but fan reception was positive; Metascore reported, '...accurately translates the angle of every sword slice, putting Link's sword in the player's hands'NR
While the audio was panned, reviewers praised the 'bright and colorful' graphics and special paired gameplay57
Though travel appeared as a stronger theme in this installment, said that it 'doesn't simply coast along on its legacy'NR
Sitting atop's all-time list, this game has been called by some the greatest console video game ever made2
Game Informer called this commercially successful installment 'so creative that it rivals the best that Hollywood has to offer'16
An initially cold reception due in part to its art-style overhaul, it nonetheless received a perfect 40 from Famitsu magazine12

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