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Can you name the numbers associated with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

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The number of...#
Korok Seeds scattered across Hyrule
All of the problems of everyone in Gerudo Town, apparently
Memories that Link can recall (ALL of them)
Damage points the Master Sword will wreak upon Ganon's incarnations
Years Link had been recuperating in the Resurrection Shrine
Rupees a diamond is valued at most shops
Hinox (Hinoxes?) slayed to earn a Medal of Honor
Ancient Dragons that hover effortlessly above Hyrule
Different weapons piquing the curiosity of Nedd, the Weapons Connoisseur
Ancient Tech Labs still in operation
The number of...#
Fireproof Lizards for which Kima will trade his Flamebreaker Armor
Heart Containers needed to pull the Master Sword from its stone
Horse Stables in Hyrule
Cuccos that have flown the coop
Shrines that Link can visit
Sheikah Towers in Hyrule
Divine Beasts plaguing Hyrule
Rushrooms for which Pirou will trade a diamond to all able-bodied sorts
Shields that Link can carry at one time (Maximum)
Champions originally enlisted to defeat Calamity Ganon

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