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QUIZ: Can you name the classic NES games by just the first three letters of their titles?

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HintTitleYear, Publisher
Ant1988, Nintendo
Bal1986, Nintendo
Com1986, Capcom
Dev1987, Nintendo
Exc1985, Nintendo
Fin1990, Square
Gra1986, Konami
Hog1985, Nintendo
Ima1990, Irem
Jur1993, Ocean
Kir1993, Nintendo
Lem1992, Sunsoft
Mac1985, Nintendo
HintTitleYear, Publisher
Noa1992, Konami
Oth1988, Acclaim
Pic1990, LJN
Qbe1989, Ultra
Rin1987, Data East
Swa1992, THQ
Ten1985, Nintendo
Urb1986, Nintendo
Veg1990, HAL Laboratory
War1994, Nintendo
Xex1990, Hudson Soft
Yon1990, Capcom
Zan1987, FCI

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