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Can you name the key Nintendo Franchise words using the pyramid clues?

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Legend of Zelda
Tool used by marketers to promote their products 
Suffix, designating a fruit juice 
French inventor of the éole, the first self-propelled plane 
Common species of viper; Gemini Man's weakness? 
*Ocarina of Time's Water Temple has not a one* 
Super Mario Bros.
A brief occasion of possibility 
The apex, or Shadow Man's singular fear 
Slang shorthand for a region of hot, humid weather 
A single unit, perhaps in a company 
*One of many varieties of Koopa that assail Mario* 
Singular indefinite article 
What Link did when Darunia offered him a big Goron hug 
Called up 
A pastoral location where livestock graze 
*The flakier of two 'Kids' residing in Twoson* 
Ancient Egypt's sun god 
Slang term of hip approval 
A small-scale military invasion 
State of being affected by acute encephalitis 
*One of Rayman's leporid antagonists* 
Mega Man
A common Western familiar term for a matron 
An example of 1/2 the homo sapiens population 
A lion's crown, perhaps 
Prolific 19th century French impressionist painter 
*Hard Man is vulnerable to 'Missiles' of this variety* 
Donkey Kong
The 16th letter of the Greek alphabet 
Kid Icarus's titular hero 
A rude gesture 
A boat's spar that attaches diagonally across a sail 
*Wrinkly Kong appears in this form to aid DK and his friends* 

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