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QUIZ: Can you name the key Nintendo Franchise words using the pyramid clues?

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Kid Icarus
Japanese name of a challenging Eastern board game 
A semi-solid substance, usually of unknown origin 
Jennifer Egan wrote about 'A Visit' from this kind of squad 
In The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule's rock-like race 
*Medusa is the Queen of this race of demon* 
6th note on the diatonic scale 
A closed network of mainframes, for short 
A delimited portion of a roadway 
One can be defined by as few as three points in space 
*In spite of its name, Aether exists in this physical form* 
Kirby's Adventure
A medieval hymn and a good Scrabble word to know 
A native tribe residing in the western United States 
Latin for 'Wineskin' (What, you don't speak Latin?) 
Verb likely borne of the word 'out', as in speak out 
*Sir Kibble's Weapon of Choice* 
One department in the POTUS's cabinet (abbr.) 
Joplin and Lamb are 2 famous composers of this genre 
Three amber lights are used to start this sort of race 
Mr. Balboa's rival in Rocky IV 
*Axew is this type of Generation V Pokémon* 
Phonetic 19th letter of the English alphabet 
The Gaming Console that birthed many of these titles 
Binary is written as a series of Zeroes and these 
There are 'Euro' and 'Demilitarized' varieties of these 
*The polluted ocean planet in the Lylat System* 
Yoshi's Story
The Spanish singular masculine definitive article 
A Tailor's measure of 1.25 yards, or 45 inches 
What male cheerleaders do in lieu of cheering? 
Coca-Cola's 'Mello' offering to compete with Mtn Dew 
*What's missing? Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Cyan* 

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