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Can you name the four-letter words associated with the Legend of Zelda series?

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Ladder #1
* The _____ Waker * 
An item that flings magic beams 
Not to be confused with a need 
What dogs do when they are hot 
* A Link to the _____ * 
Ladder #2
* First half of a shadowy doppelganger * 
The skin of the Great Deku Tree? 
One type of lending institution 
Slender and limp 
* Second half of a shadowy doppelganger * 
Ladder #3
* Profoundly annoying tag-along * 
The valiant mongoose Rikki-Tikki-_____ 
Stars alongside our Hero in Soul Calibur II 
Popular brand of bamboo torch 
* Profoundly annoying tag-along * 
Ladder #4
* First half of a useful item * 
Corner-residing chess piece 
Tap or Fibrous, e.g. 
Residue left after burning wood 
* Second half of a useful item * 
Ladder #5
* Twin_____ * 
Threaded a nautical needle 
Our 2D Hero can do this in 4 directions 
Subterranean mammal 
* Twin_____ * 
Ladder #6
* _____ of Truth * 
Not more 
A young Scottish girl 
A common property of all matter 
* _____ of Truth * 

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