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Can you name the parts missing from these selected quotes from Chrono Trigger?

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QuoteMissing PartAttribution
Crono, you hath potential to be a good __________.
Glenn, __________ while I keep them at bay.
But no one's ever __________ from there.
Only by mastering __________, itself, do you stand a chance against Lavos.
But beware the gate which leads from that __________...
I would trade my royal ancestry for your __________ in a heartbeat!
What the...?! __________...!
You can't find it anymore. It was a red stone that was once used as __________.
I survived the __________ to beat you, Lavos!
Finally! By the way, that __________ friend of yours...
QuoteMissing PartAttribution
Power is __________, and I've got the power!
They __________ us, big brother...
You don't know how long the Enertron'll hold out. Those __________ might be your only hope.
Phooey! Why is the Prophet allowed inside while I'm stuck with __________ duty?
WHAT!!! How DARE you question ME! The __________'s probably just been held up in the system!
But Ayla no lose. Only when Ayla __________, give up!
Welcome to Norstein Bekkler's lab. The __________ show is about to start!
You lowlifes can call me __________. I'm the leader of this pack.
What's this?! Could those __________ have made something THIS advanced?
HP/MP restored! But you're still __________.

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