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Can you name the Stellar Spirits?

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Hints !SpiritMore Hints !
Very first spirit Lucy summonedeasy
My hair looks similar to Juvia'sexcept puffy & pink
We exposed Lucy's booooobieseasy
RAMPAGE!!!i also have a nose ring (if the first hint wasn't enough)
Dating the girl with the taileassyyyyy !
I used to be fat...hime?
Hints !SpiritMore Hints !
Natsu thought I was a flower(that one's a bit hard) I was obtained on Galuna Island
I saved Lucy's butt a bunch of timesEdolas arc, Oracion Seis arc etc.
Can only be summoned three days a monthbeautiful voice omg
-ebiTOOO EASYYY but i couldn't think of a better hint
Very loyal to the Heartfilia familyI'm 'horny' LOL
Secret Technique: DRIED PLUM ATTACK!!!use my stellar spirit name (if you don't watch the anime: I'm the only spirit with a FT mark)

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