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Secret IdentitySuperhero Name
Curt Conners
Abner Jenkins
Steve Rogers
Brian Braddock
Trevor Fitzroy
Jamie Madrox
Wade Wilson
Peter Parker
Tony Stark
Anton Vanko
Adrian Toomes
Daniel Rand
Tilda Johnson
Nathan Summers
Nathaniel Essex
Cal'syee Neramani
George Tarleton
Arthur Parks
Remy LeBeau
Mark Scarlotti
Natalia Romanova
Emma Frost
James Rhodes
Donald Blake
Secret IdentitySuperhero Name
Harry Cleese
Warren Worthington III
Noriko Ashida
Neena Thurman
Walter Lawson
Craig Hollis
Ashley Crawford
DeMarr Davis
Val Ventura
Doreen Green
Greg Willis
Aleksei Sytsevich
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Sergei Kravinoff
Maxwell Dillon
Roderick Kingsley
Herman Schultz
Quentin Beck
William Baker
Wilson Fisk
Jason Macendale
Michael Morbius
MacDonald Gargan
Lonnie Lincoln

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