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In the Argentinian grand prix from 1996, the car from a Brazilian driver caught on fire. The accident was called '... in the oven' by an English newspaper. Who was that driver?1996
Mclaren dominated the year 1988 and won every race except one. Which race (which circuit) wasn't won by a Mclaren driver?1988
In the 2005 American GP, only 6 driver started the race. The other teams didn't start because of a crash in free practice. But which tyre manufacturer said it was too dangerous?2005
Sebastian Vettel became in 2010 the youngest F1 driver to win a world title, gaining the record from Fernando Alonso. But who was the youngest winner before Alonso?2010
In 2001, Jean Alesi announced he was going to retire. The Frenchman only won 1 grand-prix. At which circuit did he won?2001
At the 2001 US gp, a legendary English F1-commentator announced he was going to retire. The man was famous for his jells like 'Lights on, and Go go go.' Who was he?2001
In 2011, the 107% rule came back in the F1. At the first Grand Prix, one team didn't quallify due to the new 'old' rule. Which team was that?2011
Romain Grosjean had a lot of crashes in 2012. The worst one was in Spa, which resulted in a 1-race ban. Who replaced him at Monza?2012
Jerez, 1997. Not only the race where Villeneuve won the drivers title, but also the race where a future F1-champion won his first grand prix. Who has he?1997
In the Hungarian GP, Felipe Massa had an terrible accident which nearly costs him his eye. A part from the car who drove in front of him hit him. From which team was that car?2009
How many world champions started the season in 2012?2012
The 2003 Brazilian GP ended with a red flag. Kimi Raïkkönen was announced as the winner first, but after the race, the FIA announced that somebody else won. Who?2003
Kimi Raïkkönen returned to F1 in 2012 on the circuit it all began for him, Albert Park. What was his finishing(!) positing in his first race?2001
1994 was a dramatic year for F1 fans. In Imola Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died. But in the free practice, a Braziallian driver nearly died as well. Who was he?1994
The Monaco GP from 1998 was a race with a lot of retirements. In the end, Oliver Panis won his first and only race. But how many drivers finnished(!) in this race?1996
Mika Hakkinen had in 2000 one of the best overtakes ever in the history of F1. He used a slower driver to overtake Michael Schumacher. But who was the slower driver?2000
In 2007, Kimi Raïkkönen won the WDC with just a 1-point gap. On the 2nd ended 2 Mclaren drivers. Lewis Hamilton and ... ?2007
Spa 1998. The race started with a big crash, probably the biggest start crash ever in F1. But who was the first driver, who lost control of the car?1998
Michael Schumacher had an terrible accident this year and broke his leg. But at which circuit did he broke his leg?1999
In 1993, Ayrton Senna showed his class in a soaked race in England. On which circuit showed he some astonishing driving skills and won the race?1993
Robert Kubica had a rally crash in 2011, which costs him his F1 career. Who replaced him at Lotus-Renault?2011
(Answer with 'true' or 'false') Runner-up (2nd place in WDC) in 2003 was Kimi Raïkkönen2003
Lotus is the former Benetton Formula. Who won the last race for Benetton in 1997?1997
Who was the world champion in 1993?1993
Red Bull is the former Jaguar, but which team came before Jaguar?-
In a Canadian GP, the brothers Ralf and Michael Schumacher finished first and second. It was the first time that 2 brothers had an one-two. But in which year was this??

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