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IndicationDrugDrug Class
Anovulatory infertility; female infertility due to oligomenorrhoea or secondary amenorrhoea (polycystic ovarian disease).Anti-oestrogen
Stimulant of dopamine receptors in the brain; it also inhibits release of prolactin by the pituitary. Treatment of galactorrhoea and prolactinomas (reduces both plasma prolactin coDopamine receptor agonist (Ergot-derived)
HyperthyroidismAntithyroid drug
Diabetes mellitus; diabetic ketoacidosisHormone (Antidiabetic)
Adrenocortical insufficiency; shock; hypersensitivity reactions; asthma; severe inflammatory bowel disease; haemorrhoids; rheumatic diseaseCorticosteroid
ContraceptionHormone (Contraceptive)
Type 2 diabetes mellitusAntidiabetic (Sulfonylurea)
Locally advanced prostate cancer as an alternative to surgical castration; adjuvant treatment to radiotherapy or radical prostatectomy; neoadjuvant treatment prior to radiotherapy;Gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist
Type 2 diabetes mellitusAntidiabetic (Thiazolidinedione)
ContraceptionHormone (Contraceptive)
Diabetes mellitus; polycystic ovary syndromeAntidiabetic (Biguanide)

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