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'On a road lit only by fire, going where I want, instead of where I should.'
'The blacksmith and the artist, reflect it in their art.'
'I strip away the old debris, that hides a shining car.'
'We can move with savage grace, to the rhythms of the night.'
'Clear head, life ahead. It's time I was king, now not just one more pawn.'
'Those who wish to be, must put aside the alienation.'
'Features distorted in the flickering light, faces are twisted and grotesque.'
'Now there's no more oak oppression, for they passed a noble law.'
'Invisible airwaves crackle with life, bright antennae bristle with the energy.'
'Oh, what a nice, contented world, let the banners be unfurled.'
'Sometimes pushing all the buttons, sometimes pulling out the plug.'
'His reserve a quiet defense, riding out the day's events.'
'Race the oncoming night, they chase through the streets of Manhattan.'
'The stars aren't aligned or the gods are malign, blame is better to give than receive.'

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