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Branch of ServiceNameHint
KriegsmarineGeneraladmiral, Chief commander of the German U-boat fleet
KriegsmarineGroßadmiral, also Reichspräsident of Germany
LuftwaffeGeneralfeldmarschall, also last commander of the Luftwaffe
LuftwaffeGeneralfeldmarschall,nicknamed 'Smiling'
LuftwaffeGeneralfeldmarschall, possibly Jewish and prompted Hitler's quote 'I decide who is a Jew'
LuftwaffeGeneraloberst, one of the higest scoring aces of ww1
LuftwaffeGeneralfeldmarschall, cousin of the Red Baron
LuftwaffeGeneraloberst, commander of the German Paratroopers
LuftwaffeReichsmarschall, also president of the Reichstag
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, the 'Desert Fox'
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, one of two german general executed at the Nuremburg trials
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, first German Field Marshall to surrender
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, 'Hitler's fireman', commander at the Battle of the Bulge
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, one of the strategists behind the Ardennes offensive
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, commanded army group south during the invasion of Poland
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, the 'Dying one', commander of operation Typhoon
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, commander of the 12th army in Greece and Yugoslavia
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, commander of army group B during Barbarossa
Branch of ServiceNameHint
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, executed for his part in the Stauffenberg plot
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, commanded the Baltic theatre, also was opposed to German invasion of Belgium
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, served as commander of the Heer
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, Highest ranked german officer to die in soviet captivity
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, 'Clever Hans'
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, died of a heart attack in 1942, also was considered one of the most political commanders
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, nickanmed 'The Bloody', quoted saying 'the arctic is nothing'
WehrmachtGeneralfeldmarschall, commanded the 16. Armee
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, served as commander of the First Panzer Army at Kharkov
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, held command of german mountain regiments during the arctic campaign
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, one of the two German Generals executed at Nuremburg
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, 'Papa', noted for his panzer commands in the eastern front
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, Chief strategest behind Blitzkrieg
WehrmachtGeneraloberst, 'our poison dwarf' or 'our tough little b$stard'
Waffen-SSOberst-Gruppenführer, 'Papa', attempted to redeem the waffen-SS after the war
Waffen-SSOberst-Gruppenführer,'Sepp', was a former bodyguard of Hitler's
Waffen-SSOberst-Gruppenführer, Succeeded Heyrich as Protector of Bohemia and Moravia

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