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DescriptionNameMore info
Formed from the dust of the earth
Formed from the rib of Adam
First son of Adam and Eve
Is killed by his brother because God favors him
Builds the ark at age 600
His descendants make up the Asian nations
His descendants make up the European nations
Saw Noah naked, Noah was pissed. Descendants make up African nations
God tells him to leave his homeland for he will be blessed
Barren wife of Abraham
Abraham's nephew, journeys with Abraham and Sarah, settles in Jordan Valley
Sarai's (Sarah's) maid, has Abraham's child
Son of Hagar and Abr(ah)am
First son of Sarah and Abraham, God nearly has Abraham kill him
Wife of Isaac
First son of Isaac + Rebekah
DescriptionNameMore info
2nd son of Isaac+Rebekah
First wife of Jacob
Second wife of Jacob
Jacob wrestles with God and gets this name
Rachel's firstborn, his brothers sell him into slavery
Leads Jews out of Egypt, gets tablets on Sinai
Really great guy, God tests him, he gets pissed
Promised a son by an angel
Barren wife of Zachariah
Angel who visits Zachariah and later Mary
Son of Zachariah + Elizabeth
Virgin mother of Jesus
Mary's husband
12 of them, followed Jesus around
Betrays Jesus
Denies Jesus

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