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ActAnswerWhat You're Doing
Act 1 Part 1Train the Rookie
Act 1 Part 2Protect the Hospital
Act 1 Part 3Escort the Assault Derricks to Landown
Act 1 Part 4Defend the Assault Derrick part 2
Act 1 Part 5Clear the town of enemies for Dizzy
Act 1 Part 6Protect the Derricks for launch
Act 2 Part 1Find Carmine underground
Act 2 Part 2Discover the Rockworms
Act 2 Part 3Search for the massive creature
Act 2 Part 4Head to the King Raven crash site
Act 2 Part 5Search for captives
Act 2 Part 6Kill the Riftworm
Act 3 Part 1Expore the abandoned facility
Act 3 Part 2Return to the Centaur while avoiding Razor Hail
ActAnswerWhat You're Doing
Act 3 Part 3Drive the Centaur to Mount Kadar
Act 3 Part 4Find the road to Nexus (in a boat for majority of chapter)
Act 3 Part 5Defeat the Leviathon
Act 4 Part 1Search for Maria
Act 4 Part 2Find a place for Jack to deploy the beacon
Act 4 Part 3Get into the Queens' palace (cable cars)
Act 4 Part 4Find a way into the palace
Act 4 Part 5Find the Queen, battle Skorge
Act 5 Part 1Reaver ride to Jacinto
Act 5 Part 2Defend the HQ
Act 5 Part 3Move through the buildings and streets to the sinkhole
Act 5 Part 4Travel through some falling buildings
Act 5 Part 5Take a ride on a Brumak

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