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Forced Order
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I started in the game on the grind
All of it off the sweat on my back
Spit it real, and treat em like protected areas in Alaska cause
So f**kin' illy that I gotta
Aderall, X all 20 or
Gotta stay focused in the
Prepared for any twist an turn that
Grew to be a beast
All of the top slaughtered
Reguardless of my f**kin'
I grew up decapitating
Rapping rapidly aint nobody
Jackie joiner curses 26 paces
An alcoholic but f**k it homie
Liquored up not giving a f**ck and
On the go hard diet
Setting fire to mics til the melted plastic
I've lost my marbles somebody should
Latch it and throw the key in the
Toss me on a n island like f**kin'
And still I'll make it back and make
Running Connecticut shouts to
And shouts to everyone who
Successful in one way or another
They know no one could f**k with my
Got the f**kin'
The good die young
Nobody f**kin' with
Modern day
Swords swingin
Hip hop is
Dank B**ches to Chronic 2001
Keep grinding til the day
Make my haters sit the f**k down
With that
Homie I'm dope as hell
And Im treating all of my
My fans know I won't
And I mean that
I got heart so all you motherf**kers
Me with a microphone is like
All of you lame f**ks getting
I dont need a cheap shot to
Shane Mosley with punches
Eating at roofs Chris now

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