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Cause if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it
I don't think that passanger seat has ever looked this good to me
Like whos that girl with them rockin kicks, shes gotta be from outta town
You wear Reebok, I wear Bally. You smoke Michy, I smoke Cali
Oh, Oh, Oh, ill get him hot, show him what ive got
If i dont do nuthin imma ball im countin all day like the clock on the wal
you catch me at your local party, yes i crank it every day
now we're grown up and she's my wife, we still like two kids with stars in our eyes
Me ive been a few places mostly here and there once or twice
I aint gonna be just a face in the crowd you're gonna hear my voice when i shout it outloud
Ill have the quesadilla (ha ha)
Im so 3008 you so two thousand and late
You can have anything you want,but you better not take it from me
Now Watergate does not bother me Does your conscience bother you? Tell the truth
And i think its going to be a long long night
Well I was raised up beneath the shade of a Georgia pine
I heard your voice through a photograph, thought it up and brought up the past
Dont let them tiny french bikinis make you loose your grip
Baby? cause in the dark we cant see shining stars
I have five clocks in my life and only one has the time right i’ll just unplug it for today ill just unplug it for today
He says Bill i believe this is killing me as the smile ran away from his face
I go around a time or two, just to waste my time with you
She leaves the backseat just to freak in da magnum Hopped out the magnum hopped in the tray Just to let the top back and thank God for the day
She had on a new dress and she curled her hair She was looking too good not to go somewhere Said 'what you want to do, baby, I don't care
Run to the Hills Run for your life (by Iron Maiden)
Just as things were lookin up you said it wasnt good enough still were trying one more time
She wears short skirts i wear t-shirts, she's cheer captain and im on the bleachers
Little Nicole is only ten years old She's steady tryin' to figure why the world is so cold Why she's not pretty and nobody seems to like her Alcoholic step-dad always wanna strike
I was birthed in the crackhouse But what made it worse every first is a ?? Little brother knowin' life illegal No toys just playin' wit pipes and needles
She had a good day, bad day, sunny day, rainy day All she wanna know is (where my money at?)

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