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Forced Order
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The way this weed hit your chest should invest in Kevlar Chillin on Saturn, cruisin in the XR Everyday I got the best bars And the best weed same color as ReptarWhite Noise LP
Got officially tested in upstate CT and after I did my part the dude went to my parents and was like, 'Hmm, where do I start? His levels are off the charts,'White Noise LP
I'm less than perfect, but so are you. So who are you to judge me? I don't judge you. Yeah.White Noise LP (feat. Knowledge)
I'm a punch line protege. Dope? Yo, I gotta be. Spit it and flip it and get 'em jumpin' like a wallabyWhite Noise LP
I'm a suburban white rapper but I make it work and now I'm comin' out the blue like a baby smurfTeenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
I need my perscriptions before I start flippin', a Vicodin should fix him. You could try to understand what I envision, but ain't nobody enter into the mind of Christian.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
Playing my cards right whiter then a Marb lite Voice raspier then christian bale in the dark knightThe Underclassmen
Oh my God, it's Webby, with a machete ready to go after both Jason and Freddy.Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
'Cause it's all about the sex man, just jump on the dance floor and grind like an X-GameWhite Noise LP
I ain't here to complain, But yo, I'm just sayin' That uh, I'll take your dollar even if it's change Cause I've given you nothing but free music, When I do release an album you canThe Underclassmen (feat. Mac Miller)
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