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Can you name the colleges these pro-athletes attended??

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Where'd They Go?College
Randy Moss
Anthony Davis
J.J. Watt
Dwyane Wade
R. A. Dickey
Tim Duncan
Alonzo Mourning
Dan Marino
Reggie Bush
Roger Clemens
Ray Rice
Johnathan Papelbon
Charles Barkley
Julio Jones
Michael Jordan
Troy Tulowitzki
Buster Posey
David Price
Matt Ryan
Larry Bird
Greg Oden
Derrick Rose
Stephen Strasburg
Magic Johnson
Herschel Walker
Where'd They Go?College
Adrian Peterson
Ray Allen
Brandon Marshall
Tim Lincecum
Rob Gronkowski
Joe Maddon
Carlos Pena
Tim Tebow
Ryan Howard
Carmelo Anthony
David West
Justin Verlander
Barry Bonds
Chris Bosh
Jason Bay
LaDainian Tomlinson
Warren Sapp
Tom Brady
Jackie Robinson
Joe Johnson
Shaquille O'Neal
Barry Sanders
Drew Brees
Aaron Rodgers
Brian Dawkins

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