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Can you name the Transformer questions based on the first animated movie?

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When was this movie released?
Who is the leader of the Autobots?
When he leaves, who does he choose to take his place?
and Ultimately who becomes the leader at the end?
What does his name change to at this point?
What is the name of the Autobot talisman of leadership?
Name an Autobot that dies on the ship that is on its way to Earth.
Who is the leader of the Dinobots?
Who was the voice actor for Unicron?
Who says, ''I've got better things to do than die tonight.''
What do the Constructicons merge into?
What is the name of the Decepticon leader?
He later becomes?
Who does he blast during their coronation ceremony?
Who are the two radio Transformers?
What's the name of the annoying kid who accompanies the Autobots throughout the movie?
What's the name of the planet where Wreck-Gar is found?
What is the Universal greeting?
Quick! What's the planet they all hail from? (Transformers, not humans.)
What Unsolved Mysteries star voiced Ultra Magnus in the film?
What about Galvatron? I heard he was voiced by a famous Star Trek actor!
The voice actor for Hong Kong Phooey voiced what famous Autobot?
What was that actor's name again?
Who is the old wiley Autobot who loves to tell people about his war stories?
What piece of Unicron is left orbiting around that one planet from question 19?

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