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QUIZ: Can you name the ...well, it's a quiz all about Chrono Trigger?

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Forced Order
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When is the Day of Lavos?
Name one of the four racers at the Millennial Fair
How many single techs can each character use?
Who is the only playable character unable to perform dual techs?
What's his real name?
What's the name of his pet cat?
Who does he (#4) end up cursing?
What is his real name?
The permanent stat boosting items come in the form of what?
How many gemstones (Triple techs) are in the game?
What is Robo's real name?
What is Crono's element?
What is the name of Lucca's father?
What is the name of Lucca's mother?
The Ruby Knife is another name for what weapon?
And who created this weapon?
He is also known as the Guru of what?
Can you name the other two Gurus in the game?
Who is the Queen of the Reptites
What is Marle's real name?
What's the name of the boss who impersonates the Guardia Chancellor?
Who is the only character to recieve new weapons upon reaching certain levels?
What boss drops the weapon, Slasher?
What's the name of the tech that is equivalent of steal?
All things begin and end with him.
How many time periods can you visit in the game?
What famous anime does the artwork resemble?
Which character breaks the 4th wall when he screams, ''Stop the Music!''
What's the name of the old man the party meets in the Arris Dome?
How much life does the Demon King have when you fight him?
Name the PS1 game which has CT & another game bundled together.
What year was this game originally released in America?

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