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Who is the Liberation Army leader before Tir McDohl?
What is the name of Cecil Harvey's father?
Which SMT game has the main characters shoot themselves in the head to summon their demons?
How many Wise Men do you encounter in Star Ocean 2?
Masa and Mune along with Doreen form this ultimate weapon for Serge.
These people (Such as Yuri Hyuga and Kurando Inugami) can fuse with the souls of creatures.
What is Citan Uzuki's real name?
What is the name of the first gear/mech Fei pilots? (Not Id!)
In Skyrim, if you are a mortal with the blood and soul of a dragon, you are...what?
How many True Runes (total) are in the Suikoverse?
How long does Celes Chere stay in a Coma after the destruction of the world?
What is the name of the airship that Prince Enrique gives to Vyse?
What is Red XIII's real, non-experiment name?
What system allows Flynn Scifo to be a permanent party member?
What is the name of the skill Justin learns from Gadwin?
Name one of the three Dragoons who guard the Sky Islands in Ogre Battle.
What was the original name for the Star Dragon Sword? (Not the True Rune name.)
Who pilots the SSV Normandy for Commander Shepard?
'All life begins with ... and ends with ...' Fill in the ellipsis.
What social link does Rise Kujikawa represent?
From Shadow's dream sequences: What is the name of Clyde's sidekick?
Dymlos, Atwight, and Chaltier are all talking swords, but also go by this name collectively.
Spoiler alert! Mao's butler, Geoffrey is actually this character in disguise.
What is Shion Uzuki's brothers name?
What fake last name does Nash go by during the 2nd Fire Bringer War?

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