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Who survived the first Battle of Doom Island
What is Joachim Valentine's ultimate weapon?
Who is the initial Persona of Yu Narukami?
Name Rudy Roughnight's initial ARM.
The blind Oddler ends up being this greater demon.
Shadow, blade for hire, dreams of train robberies with his former partner in crime. What was his name?
What's Sabin Figaro's middle name?
In Evermore's prehistoria, the boy and his dog are asked to find Strong Heart by who?
In the gaidens, Nash Latkje has a deadly pair of twin snake swords named...?
Edward Castle's Princess Kara has a pet pig named...
The Star Dragon Sword is this True Rune incarnate form.
How many brothers and sisters does Ramza Beoulve have?
The Diva, Debonair of the Wind has a first name. What is it?
What's the name of the bar Tifa Lockhart works at?
What's the name of the Deimos that Darc is enslaved under?
In 2035, the dark lord's forces are rising and Alucard goes by this alias.
In Zeal, Masa and Mune had a sister. What was her name?
What is the name of Philia felice's Swordian?
Who is Halley Brankett's mother?
Who is Lord Hector of Ostia's brother?

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