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Can you name the rpgs that these questions come from??

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Forced Order
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The battle of Doom Island was only the beginning.
The Brunhild could open Chaos Gates.
Blue Whales, Lunarians, and Giants of Babel. Oh my!
This kid you ran into REALLY liked shorts!
Guy Cecil? Dude had two first names!
What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!
Kamil, Leges, Valsu, Esuna, Lux, Olan, and Wilme.
Cecil Harvey makes a cameo right before the Rat King.
Norris meets Norris. And no, it's not Chuck.
The masked man Judas was actually a character in the prequel.
Shooting yourself in the head has never been this much fun!
Ah, so Percy WAS the Black Knight. Good thing I didn't kill him.
In Muppy's ending, you (a man) become his bride. EW!
Seeing Chu Chu on the cross always made me chuckle.
I wonder if kerokero cola gave him more spring in his step.
The Water Margin inspired this series.

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