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Can you name the RPG Terrible TWOs!?

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A flip of a double headed coin decided these twin princes fate.Names
This game had the Knightblazer and the Sword MagessGame
Rahal and Rania are twins in this game.Game
The twins in this game form the legendary Masamune.Game
Once a student, Flay becomes a teacher in this game.Game
This game has two versions. One on the PS1 and one that up until recently was not available in the US. It is now on the PSP. Both involve butterflies.Game
These two knights of Lodis weild a special whip and axe in battle.Names
Maxim and his bloodline are destined to wield what weapon?Name
This game that featured rock candy and a bed wetting hero is actually the second game in the series.Game
The french frog Jean could fuse and transform into a more powerful ally in this game.Game
There are two playable Harmonixers in this sequel.Game
These twins in a square tactical rpg possessed the powers of Heaven and Hell.Names
Castor and Porkus are bosses in this game.Game
These runes are two halves of the Rune of Beginning.Names
In this game, the main character is up against his brother and even love interest who both are influenced by the power of Valmar. Game
Name the two legendary birds who appear on the cover of the second generation Pokemon game.Names
This game was released in the US as Tales of Destiny 2 due to a legal issue.Game
FuSoYa and Golbez use this spell combination to try and defeat Zemus.Name
This weapon is used by Rudy and looks like two bits flying around, hitting the enemy multiple times.Name
Name a Final Fantasy character who uses a form of Dual Cast naturally.Name
Name the twin main characters in this Nintendo handheld tactical rpg.Names
Rolf is the main character in this futuristic rpg. Game

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