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Can you name the RPG these characters come from?

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Mallow and Geno
Dekar, Guy, and Lexis
Shu, Choko, and Diekbeck
Victor, Flik, and Pahn
Nei, Rudo, and Amy Sage
Gordon, Kurtis, and Thursday
Faris, Galuf, and Lenna
Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Mew
Jay, Moses, Norma, Chloe, and Will
Bart, Rico, and Maria
Ivan, Mia, and Garet
Peter, Luke, Sarah, and Slade
Sain, Canas, Raven, and Merlinus
Garrus, Kaidan, and Wrex
Samson, Tont, and Domino
Tina, Cody, Leona, and Dan
Gilliam, Elzam, Sanger, and Kai
Frog, Magus, and Robo
Yukiko, Naoto, and Kanji
Rei, Teepo, and Momo
MOMO, Jr. and chaos
Fia, Lina, Cierra, and Serene
Beowulf, Argias, and Malak
Gale, Cielo, and Heat
Ricardo, Frank, and Hildegard
Gadfort, Duga, and Maebelle
Feena, Rapp, and Liete
Ridley, Ganz, and Gil
Poo, Jeff, and Paula
Andarc, Seneca, and Corselia
Croix, Eclair, and Culotte
Liane, Roger, Gilles, and La Hire
Kaguya, Aschen,and Suzuka
Ursula, Luca, Leonara, and Harley
Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin
Felius, Levin, and Ragnar
Leo, Ronfar, and Jean
Brahms, Freya, and Lezard
Grey, Adara, Galant, and Avis
Vyce, Ozma, and Lancelot
Jet, Clive, and Gallows
Son Goku, Ryorin, and Reikan
Millie, Ronyx, Ilia, Ashlay, and Cyuss
Fina, Aika, and Gilder
Vad, Dio, Troi, and Ankiseth
Jessica, Yangus, and Angelo
Hayte, Shinsuku, Rin, and Laru
Hans, Xenos, Ernest, and Arieta
Flay, Roxis, and Pamela
Zero, Axel, and Shadow

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