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QUIZ: Can you name the RPG Series Alphabet?

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This game came to the states in a box set with the first three games in the series.A
The main character routinely has the ability to turn into a dragon.B
The time travel series that left fans wanting more.C
This games mascots are usually slimes that like to smile.D
This short lived series main character was named Mag Launcher.E
This Nintendo SRPG has recently seen a lot of love from the American audiences. F
Justin, Ryduo, Yuki, and Evan are the main character of this series.G
The MMORPG that really wasn't a MMORPG. H
The legend of the unemplayed Ninja series.I
This series seems like a Pokemon clone. You purify monsters as Kahu and Levant explore the world.J
Disney and Square work together to make this series come to life.K
You have to fight the Sinistrals constantly in these games.L
You control Commander Shepard's every action in this trilogy.M
Not many of this anime inspired RPGs have come to the USA, but the art of the ninja lives on in these games. N
Control and promote vast armies and use Tarot cards to your advantage in these games.O
This old Genesis RPG has moved from a single player game to MMO to most recently a portable experience.P
Not a series, but this game was featured on the Nintendo 64. Q
In this series, you create the games!R
Every game in this series features the same universe, but with a new 108 cast in each new title. S
This series features titles, cooking, skits, and a very fun, and engaging battle engine. T
In these ten games you witness the Stranger turn into the Avatar and save BritanniaU
You control the warrior maiden as she recruits Einherjar for an upcoming battle.V
This western-like RPG is heavy on whistles and gun-toting heroes. W
Shion and the gang underwent some serious graphical overhauls throughout this cut-short series.X
You control the ever silent protagonist Adol in these games. Y
Battle in giant mechs, who double as an anime show and a popular toy for kids. Z

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