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Can you figure out what words are missing from these RPG titles?

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Game Title Missing Word
Lufia: and the _________ of Doom
Inindo: Way of the _________
Lunar 2: Eternal _________
Ogre Battle: _________ of the Black Queen
Final Fantasy: Mystic _________
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the _________ Stars
Ultima VII: The Black _________
Phantasy Star 4: End of the _________
Castlevania: _________ of the Night
Legacy of Kain: _________ Omen
Persona 2: _________ Punishment
Rhapsody: A _________ Adventure
Tactics Ogre: Let us _________ Together
_________ Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the _________ King
Star Ocean: _________ the End of Time
Breath of Fire: _________ Quarter
Shadow _________ : From the New World
Wild ARMs Alter _________ : F
Mana Khemia: _________ of Al-Revis
Arc the Lad: _________ of the Spirits
Mega Man X: _________ Mission
Magna Carta: _________ of Blood
Disgaea: Hour of _________
Stella Dues: The Gate of _________
Game Title Missing Word
Soul Nomad & the _________ Eaters
The Elder _________ V: Skyrim
_________ : An Elysian Tale
Kingdoms of _________ : Reckoning
Star Wars: _________ of the Old Republic
Nino Kuni: _________ of the White Witch
South Park: The _________ of Truth
Fallout: _________ Vegas
Tales of _________ f
The Legend of Zelda: The _________ Cap
Golden Sun: The Lost _________
Fire _________ : The Sacred Stones
The World Ends With _________
Izuna: Legend of the _________ Ninja
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark _________
Valkyrie Profile: _________ of the Plume
Shin Megami Tensei: _________ Journey
Kingdom Hearts: _________ by Sleep
Ys: The _________ of Felghana
Skies of _________ : Legends
Paper Mario: The _________ Year Door
_________ Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
._________ // Infection
_________ X Zone
_________ : Heart Gold

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