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Can you name the RPG terms that follow along the alphabet letters?

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The Sword Magess who banished Lord Blazer.A
Nation the Red Wings call home.B
This egg-like item helped bring the main character back to life. C
The job-class that is famous for its high flying knights. D
King of Figaro by a notorious coin flip.E
Magical Dragon your team rescues from a giant snake that later becomes your means of travel.F
The turrian agent who has accompanied Shepard in all of his adventures. G
Jack's comical, yet helpful wind mouse companion. H
He fights for his friends.I
Demon King Magus' birth name.J
Squid-like beast that appears in many rpgs. Was once an elemental fiend. K
The Mad Prince of the HighlandsL
White Knight Leo's super hero alter ego.M
Hero of the Suikogaiden games.N
The legendary fight between the humans and demons. Spawned sequels and tactics games. O
These d00d speaking minions usually serve the demon Overlord P
S/he speaks broken english and loves to eat.Q
The default name for the Breath of Fire hero.R
The other name for the True Rune of Life and Death.S
A comical demon who helps you solve the mystries of the Midnite Channel. T
Usually one of the most powerful spells in the Final Fantasy universe.U
Mid-Boss, the Dark Adonis, or...well that is a spoiler!V
Commander of squad 7 and pilot of the Edelweiss.W
A powerful dual-tech. Think Chrono and Frog.X
Creator of Sin, with a powerful religious following too. Y
The Chosen One of Tethe'alla.Z

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