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Can you name the NFL names and phrases that go with the letters given?

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The conference with the Bengals and Titans. A
Overtook Dan Marino for most passing yards in a season.B
This position is often stuck on an island covering wide receivers. C
This is where teams go to sign all those college players.D
A penalty for pre-maturely entering the neutral zone and committing contact. E
An illegal move where the defender grabs the offensive player's helmet.F
The area inside the ten yard line that divides the end zone with the field of play.G
Madden NFL 12 cover athlete.H
When a defensive player catches a live ball. I
Former head coach of the Cowboys and Dolphins.J
Adam Vinatieri is one of the more famous ones. K
Multiple DPotY winner and SB XXXV MVP to boot.L
Eli and Peyton...M
This city has two NFL teams.N
Sudden Death.O
Known to his fans as, 'Sweetness.'P
The Chargers play here.Q
The all time leading NFL Wide Receiver in yards, TDs, and a lot of other stats. R
The original Prime Time.S
It counts as six points.T
Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Leinart all went to this college.U
Scored his second 100 million dollar contract after he got out of jail.V
Heisman winner who retired from the NFL because he wanted to study holistic medicines. W
The Vince McMahon inspired football brand. X
Super Bowl XXIX MVP.Y
Former QB and former Redskins head coach, now a QB coach.Z

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