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QUIZ: Can you name the 108 questions based off the RPG series Suikoden?

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Forced Order
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Easy one. The Water Margin inspired what RPG series?
What Sega console did the original game also get relased on?
How many True Runes exist?
Which True Rune does Tir eventually come to own?
Who had this True Rune before Tir?
Who is the first sword wielding SoD to join you in S1?
Refresh my memory, what does SoD stand for again?
What's the name of Flik's sword?
What's Flik's nickname?
What's the last name of the series' favorite strategy family?
Who is the only family member (Question #10) to survive the events of S1?
What's the name of that talking sword thing?
That sword is a True Rune incarnate. Which one?
What villian does the party need this sword's services in order to vanquish?
and which SoD does he kidnap?
and who is this person's father, who is also the chief of the warrior village?
Who is Leknaat's sister?
Who is the only person in S1 who can not have their weapon sharpened to level 16?
Who is the main character of Suikoden 2?
How many squirrels can you recruit in S2?
What rune does Georg Prime have attached to his right hand?
What is Georg Prime's favorite kind of sweets?
What is the name of Jowy's step-father?
Name the little girl who is the sole survivor of Luca Blight's attack on Toto village.
and who was one of Victor's mercenaries who tried to protect this girl against Luca at the fortress, but tried trying.
Who is the first person you fight in a duel in S2?
Which SoD in S2 wields the Falcon Rune?
and who is her rival?
and what is the name of these two fighters unite attack?
What type of weapon does Bob use?
What race is Bob?
What famous wizard did Mazus square off against?
Rina has a sister, who is she?
These sisters travel around with a fire breathing man, who is he?
The adventures of Nash take place behinds the scenes in S2 during this spinoff series.
What is Nash's last name?
Nash is from what country?
What True Rune does the Blight family posses in S2?
What is Luca Blight's fathers name?
He was the King of what Dunan kingdom?
Who was the captain of the Unicorn Brigade?
What is the name of the investigator in S2?
Can you name one of the Octopi from S2?
What about the name of Millie's pet?
Of the three starting characters in S3, which is the only one that starts out with a True Rune?
Which character becomes the new Flame Champion in the Suikoden Manga?
What is Jimba's real name?
What True Rune does Jimba possess?
What is the name of Futch's old dragon?
and what is his new dragon's name?
Who inherits the Dragon Rune from Joshua?
and who is her daughter?
What is the name of Mel's doll?
What is the name of Albert and Caesar's dad?
Who kills Lulu?
What is Joker's real name?
What company produced the opening cinematics for S3?
Who is the masked man in S3?
He has a Silverberg with him, who is he?
The Masked Man is also traveling with a True Rune user, who is he?
What True Rune does he possess?
His weapon, King Crimson either is or shares the same name of a weapon used by who?
The trinity system expands and adds a dog point of view late on, name that dog.
Who posesses the Star Dragon Sword in Suikoden 3?
What organization did Watari work for prior to S3?
Eventually this member of that group comes after Watari.
During the Futch, Franz and Fred bath scene, who does Fred compare to the other's pets?
Who is Melville's dad?
and what is the name of Melville's band of young knights?
Who is the frenchy in S3?
What's the main characters name in S4?
and what True Rune does he eventually come to possess?
In the S4 demo, what is the main character's name?
You eventually come to find out that the man character is the son of who?
Who is the Falcon Rune user in S4?
Another silverberg pops up in S4, who?
What SoD does the confessions on your ship in S4?
Who is the 'Child of the Sea God?'
Who is Colton's son?
What character in S4 is most likely the creator of the Maximillian Knights?
In S4 what SoD can be recruited after collecting the other 107 SoDs?
What was the name of Suikoden Tactics as it was released in Japan?
Who is the main character of that game?
What rune does he have permanently attached to his left hand in the game?
What other SoD uses this same rune?
and what game does he show up in?
What area of the Suikoden world do the events of S5 take place?
What is the name of the main character in S5?
What is his sister's name?
Their mother has a sister, who is she?
The main character has another aunt, who is she?
What is the name of the assassins group that Dolph is a part of?
Who looks just like the main character and often inpersonates him during S5?
Who is the commander of the Dragon Calvary?
Who is the Tensoku star in S5?
She is a member of what organization?
Tensoku Stars usually have what rune?
Who is the only Tensoku Star that does not have this rune equipped to them?
What is the main character's name in Suikoden Tierkreis?
His name is German for what?
Who is the half brother of Manaril?
The 108 characters you can recruit are not called SoDs in St, what are they called?
Name the civilization that has ties to the Rune of Change?
What's the name of Zaj's gun sword?
What system was the last Suikoden game on?
Who is the only Tenkai Star to never recive a form of a True Rune?
Name the two characters that have appeared in every main Suikoden game.
Which Suikoden broke tradition with its 4 party lineups?

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