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Danish Physicist 
Astronomer, famous for his Heliocentric model of the Solar System 
Polish chemist worked with radioactive elements 
German discoverer of the photoelectric effect 
Italian physicist, performed a famous experiment in a squash court 
Finnish scientist who investigated Gadolinite 
American inventor of the cyclotron 
Austrian physicist who helped discover nuclear fission 
Credited with the creation of the Periodic Table 
Swedish founder of a famous set of awards 
Discoverer of X-rays 
New Zealander who investigated radioactivity 
American scientist contributed to the discovery and isolation of ten elements 
Mythological Being
Roman goddess of agriculture, asteroid 
German goblin 
Greek titan that pulled the Sun across the sky, the Sun 
Greek goddess of the rainbow 
Roman messenger god, planet 
Roman god of earthquakes, planet 
Woman in greek mythology, daughter of Tantalus 
A name of the greek goddess of wisdom, asteroid 
Greek and Roman god of the Underworld, planet 
Titan in greek mythology that stole fire from the gods 
Greek moon goddess, the Moon 
From greek mythology, punished by immersion in hot water with which he could not quench his thirst 
Hammer wielding norse god 
Greek 'Elder Gods' overthrown by the Olympians 
Father of Cronos in greek mythology 
Scandanavian goddess of beauty 

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