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Days Laviola is Absent
Three Words on the Board
The 4th 'R'
Your Grades on Powerschool
Her Answer to Your Question
Looking Up an Answer Gets You. . .
Laviola's Favorite Country
How Laviola Gets to School
Times Laviola Mentioned the AP
Long Term
How Long the AP is
Laviola's Comment Box
Laviola's Hair Style
Style of Tie
How to Get a Good Grade on Essays
Stress Reduction Kit
Questions About Powerschool
Reasons For Unpublished Scores
Favorite Food
Number of Lessons/Lectures
Favorite Goodbye
What Do We Do That the Sun Also Does
What Kind of Graphs are on Tests
Destination of Her Meetings
Periodic Table of. . .
Most Completed Assignment
Best Preperation for the AP
Only Way to Get Caught for Plagarism
Most Work We Have Done All Year
What Laviola is On

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