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Occurs when the topsoil falls by 10% or more
Occurs when food energy intake exceeds energy use and causes excess body fat
Type of agriculture that supplements energy from the sun with the labor of humans and animals
Uses heavy equipment, money, and resources to produce single crops
A country where there is enough nutritious food to keep everyone active and healthy
A concentration of a particular aquatic species suitable for harvesting in a certain ocean area
A form of industrialized agriculture used in tropical, less-developed countries
Living with chronic hunger and poor nutrition
Supplying water to crops by artifiical means
Deficiencies of protein and other key nutrients
Occurs when there is a severe food shortage that causes death and starvation
A soil degradation process
People who do not have enough food to meet their basic energy needs suffer from this
Saturation of soil with irrigation water or excessive precipitation so that the water table rises close to the surface
Growing plants by exposing their roots to a nutrient-rich water solution instead of soil
Type of fertilizer that is commercially prepared with a mix of inorganic plant nutrients
Method to reduce topsoil erosion and to restore soil fertility
Growing several crops on the same plot at the same time
Any species that interferes with human welfare by competing with us for resources
Farmers increase their inputs of human and draft-animal labor to obtain higher crop yields
The movement of soil components from one place to another by the wind and water
Involves burning and clearing small plots in tropical forests, growing crops, shifting to other plots and starting the process again
Dung and urne of animals used as a form of organic fertilizer
Chemicals used to kill or control populations that we consider undesirable
The practice of raising marine and freshwater fish in ponds or underwater cages in ocean waters
Organic material applied to cropland as a source of plant nutrients
Freshly cut green vegetation that is plowed into the soil to increase the organic matter available to support crop growth
Partially decomposed organic plant and animal matter used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer
Keeps the size of pest populations below the level that causes economically unacceptable loss of a crop or animal
Introduction of scientifically bred or selected varieties of grain that can increase crop yields with water and fertilizer

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