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Can you name the Know Enough about Buffy to be a Scooby??

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How did Buffy describe her transcripts to Principal Flutie upon meeting him
The actor who played the vampire Luke also played which character?
What does the man at the Bronze say to Anya when she tells him she is a thousand years old and wants a beer?
'Fire bad...'
What did people call Amy's mom?
Who was the real Natalie French?
'What is that? And why is its hair...'
What is the last line in 'Pangs?'
In which episode do we first see Spike wearing the suit he sports in Tabula Rasa?
What is on the inside of the aforementioned suit?
In which episode do we meet the First Evil?
How many vampires drink from Buffy?
What is the poster on the inside of Buffy and Willow's dorm room?
What does Buffy name the egg that hatches into a demon?
'I wear the cheese...'
What color are the children Anya has been burdened with in LIFE?
What does she want to trade them in for?
Who finally kills Glory?
Who is the first robot we meet?
What is the name of the demon Angelus takes the sword from?
What is the key element of Riley and Adam's plan for world domination?
And what do they need to build a fort?
What are Anya's theories?
What is the name of Jenny's uncle?
Which potential has a teddy bear backpack and is killed by Caleb?
The term the Scoobies use for Turok-Han is...
'In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the...'

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