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Can you name the answers to the second installment of ultimate Buffy trivia?

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Who calls Spike her 'blondie bear'?
What was the Inca Mummy Girl's name?
Whose suicide attempt in the high school's bell tower does Buffy foil?
Who is embarassed of his alcoholic, angry parents?
Which athletic, loud mouth student came out as gay to Xander in the locker room?
What impending event causes Oz and Willow to finally have sex?
Which watcher has a crush on Cordelia Chase?
What is the nickname for Buffy's group of demon-fighting friends?
What are Tara's last words?
Whose tongue piercing is a source of delight for Willow?
What was Angel's name before he became a vampire?
Who tries to make Angel commit suicide in 'Amends'?
What is Buffy's father's name?
Buffy's college roommate, Cathy, hangs a poster of what famous person in their room?
What does Cordelia's license plate read?
How old was Buffy when she was activated as a slayer?
What is Angel's last line of the series?
Who is Andrew Wells' brother?
Besides Halfrek, who are Anya's bridesmaids for her ill-fated wedding to Xander?
What was Halfrek's name before she became a vengeance demon?
What is ultimate cause of Joyce's death?
What dance does Xander do to assure Willow it's really him in 'The Replacement'?
What two villains are responsible for the manufacture of the chocolate in 'Band Candy'?
Who is torn apart limb from limb by the demon biker gang?
Besides Xander and sex, what makes Anya happiest?
When Parker sees the scar on Buffy's neck from Angel, what does she claim bit her?
In 'What's My Line', what falls on Spike, leaving him wheelchair-bound for some time?
What is the name of the demon who paralyzes his victims and then eats their skin strip by skin?
To whom does Buffy first reveal that she was in heaven, not hell, before her resurrection?
What 'trophy' does Spike keep after murdering the slayer, Nikki Woods?

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